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This page is a guide to the various scales that model cars & motorcycles come in. The main scales we stock are 1/12th, 1/18th & 1/43rd. If you click on the highlighted manufacturers names you can see what we currently have.

Scale Scale foot in inches Scale foot in millimeters More info...
1/8th 1.5" 38.10 mm 1/8th scale model cars are usually highly detailed limited edition hand-built models by small manufactures such as Amalgam. The best known 1/8th scale models were the kits produced years ago by the now defunct firm Pocher.
1/10th 1.2" 30.48 mm 1/10th scale is sometimes used for die-cast motorcycles.
1/12th 1" 25.40 mm 1/12th scale is the largest popular scale for die-cast model cars. Cars in this scale are manufactured by: AUTOart, Kyosho, Premium ClassiXXs, & Sun Star. Also die-cast motorcycles in 1/12th scale are made by: AUTOart & Minichamps.
1/18th 0.666" 16.93 mm 1/18th scale is now the second most popular scale for die-cast model cars. An extensive range of models is produced. We stock: AUTOart, Bauer, Bburago, CMC, Kyosho, Mattel, Minichamps, Norev & Paragon. Also some superb 1/18th scale resin models are made by: Neo, Spark & TrueScale.
1/24th 0.5" 12.70 mm 1/24th scale die-cast model cars are less common than they once were, with this scale being much more popular in the USA than over here. A good range of die-cast motorcycles were recently made by Ixo and the last few of these are still available on our Bargains page.
1/43rd 0.279" 7.088 mm 1/43rd scale originates from British 'O scale' model railways and cars in this scale were first pioneered by Dinky. Today 1/43rd scale is the most popular scale for collectable model cars. A huge variety is available. We currently stock: AUTOart, IST, Ixo, JCollection, Mattel, Minichamps, Norev, Oxford Diecast, PremiumX, Schuco, Vanguards & Vitesse. Top quality resin models are made by: Bizarre, Neo, Spark & TrueScale. Hand-built, white-metal, models are made in the UK by: Brooklin, J&M Classics, Lansdowne & SMTS.
1/64th 0.187" 4.763mm 1/64th scale is approximately the size of Matchbox & Hotwheels toy cars. Although sometimes these toys can be made in peculiar scales just to make them fit in their boxes!
1/76th 0.157" 4mm 1/76th scale is better known as 'OO scale' and is the most popular scale for model railways in the UK. You can get die-cast model vehicles in this scale from most British model railway specialists.
1/87th 0.137" 3.5 mm 1/87th scale or 'HO scale' is the most popular scale for model railways in the world. A huge range of vehicles is produced in 1/87th scale but these can usually only be purchased in the UK from specialist suppliers of European or American model railways.

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